E3 2012 Checklist Update

Just a short entry. In the last post i didn’t update you on E3 bingo.

I did quite well i think, i predicted:

2 x Annoying presenters over the course of the live keynotes Achieved: Ubisoft…say no more.

4 x Botched demos Unsuccessful: I didn’t notice any.

5 x Jokes fall completely flat Achieved: I’m counting the whole Ubisoft set.

6 x Celebrities bought on to help publicise a game Final Count: 6

1 x Completely inappropriate reference Possibly: There was a woman wearing an inappropriate shirt, it had buttons in exactly the right place to be nipples. Also i’m sure the Ubisoft pair said something.

Hope that clears that up.

One comment

  1. Fred says:

    In terms of botched demos, the face alteration of ZombieU was quite bad, and one of the women doing the Wonderbook demo failed for quite a while at one point.

    And as for inappropriate reference, almost everything Aisha said, “Girl Wood”, “We’re all a bit gay” etc.

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