Film Review: The World’s End

In a most unusual twist i have made two cinema trips this week! This time i journeyed with work colleagues to see the latest offering from Edgar Wright; The World’s End.

The World's End teaser poster

Let’s open this by saying this film is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the sounds coming from the theater suggest others were as well. As the third film in the ‘Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy’ (along with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) this film had big boots to fill. As a general rule, when Edgar, Simon and Nick they seem to produce good stuff. The World’s End delivers on all these expectations and more.

The basic premise of the film sees 5 friends coming together for a reunion. The aim of this reunion to finish a legendary pub crawl in their home town, but not all is as it seems. I shall leave the details there at risk of divulging spoilers. The setup for this story leaves it wide open for some humorous moments and the script delivers every time. We have some great jokes together with excellent comedic timing in a combination that will raise a smile on even the grumpiest viewers face.

The humble Mint Choc Chip Cornetto, the last flavor in the trilogy to make an appearance.

As part of the trilogy we see some familiar faces join Simon Pegg and Nick frost in their adventure and it all adds to the quality, with the chemistry clearly coming through. The film rolls at along at a good pace, it never seemed to rush a scene giving it the time required before whisking you off to the next with no hint of dawdling. One thing that jarred slightly was that the ending wasn’t quite what I had expected. This isn’t to say the ending is bad, it just didn’t take the path i thought it would.

As i said at the opening of this review i really enjoyed this film. I may even place it as my favourite in the trilogy, although i will need to re-watch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz to confirm that. It was a great film, full of laughs and fun and would strongly recommend you go and see it if you get the chance!

I give The World’s End 11 pubs out of 12!

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